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Welcome To Akhalkalaki

The Akhalkalaki Municipality (1,234 is part of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, which is situated in the South of Georgia, on the Javakheti Volcanic Plateau, at the height of  up to 3,300 m. above sea level. The surface of the plateau is wavy plains, the eastern part of which is located on the Samsari mountain ridge. The highest peak, Mt. Didi Abuli, is 3301m high.

As you drive into Akhalkalakialong a serpentine road leading from Akhaltsikhe, you will see the Akhalkalaki Fortress, the main historical attraction of the city. The fortress is an object of cultural heritage dating back to the 11th century. Just in front of it, on a cliff, you will see a monument to Shota Rustaveli.

Among other sights of the city is MesropMashtots Central Square with a monument to the medieval Armenian linguist in the middle, and with the Municipal Government building on the right. A little farther you will find the Central Park, the History Museum and the building of the Legislative Assembly.

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